A Great Grad Gift, 5:18 Career Consultation

The roots of 5:18 run deep in the art of preparing graduates for the real world. Over the course of 12 years, we assisted 1200 recent graduates determine their strengths, build out their resumes and launch their job searches.

In that time, we had the pleasure of watching many of those young professionals find their first jobs, while many others did not. It's wildly frustrating to spend 4 - 6 years working toward a degree to then not find a job.

If you are a family or friend of a recent graduate looking for a great graduation gift, consider a 5:18 consultation as the gift that keeps on giving.

A 5:18 graduate consultation includes interviewing the graduate to better understand their career goals, an updated resume and job search strategies.

Call today to discuss this as a gift option for your graduate.