Our Approach

Our Philosophy

We believe you should, Love What You Do! You have a unique set of talents and gifts to share with the world. Identify them and execute them, daily. It's that simple.

Our Story

What's 5:18?

It's our founder's birthday and, coincedentally, it was last call before her evening train departed for home.

Our Story

After spending 12 happy years in higher education helping young professionals align their passions with their careers, fate stepped in. Two years into another business venture, a friend asked for a resume review and one resume snow-balled into Five8Teen.

We believe that your passion can be your work because we live it every day.

Meet the Team

As Vanessa sat on the couch editing a resume, Sandra said, "This is a business. I'll go in on this with you."
Here we are, partnered up, excercising our gifts to help you live your best life.

Vanessa Jackson

Vanessa M. Jackson

Founder & CEO

"We all need a little motivational accountability."


Sandra Blanks

Chief Financial Officer 

"Love what you do & get paid what you're worth."

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