Resume Updates

Boost employee morale by offering resume updates to current or displaced staff. Guide your team members to their next role, internally or externally.

Professional Development

A critical element of succession planning is developing existing team members. 5:18 offers individual or team development courses to train future leaders or strengthen executives.

Assessment Tools

Your starting point is critical in planning where you are going. 5:18 offers assessment tools to reveal natural tendencies and how to harness them in improving critical thinking, decision making and leadership style.


Resumes for Teams or Groups

A refreshed resume proves to your team that you value their service and individual success. Whether a team member has been displaced by a re-org or inspired to move on, offering a resume service is value added to your human resources offerings.

Leadership Development

5:18 offers a wide variety of professional development courses to inspire and train your leaders.

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness- Includes how to begin being a coach
  • Sales- selling your product and your company
  • Coaching Coaches and Leading Leaders
  • Team Building: stop interviewing and build a team
Professional Development

Next Steps...

Your business is only as good as the individuals managing it, let's talk about your unique needs and how we can inspire your leaders to be their best selves.